Scrambled Well Done
Yom Kippur blessing

Wishing every one an easy 25 long hours of “Thou shall not’s” while intensely praying for the “I wish for” to hopefully a blessed year filled with plenty of positive “Thou shall have’s”!!
Gmar Chatima Tova and an easy fast to all!

Sometimes I wish I could visit the past just to say hello and experience the moment again.

Sharona Abadi
Do you have a Crystal Ball?

Do you have a crystal ball?

Sometimes I wish I could predict the future. It sure would make life easier. Imagine you could know ahead of time what this year holds. Where would the challenges be? Would it be satisfying or interesting? Would we still feel accomplished?

I do have a crystal ball. It’s from Swarovski. The only thing I can predict from it is how soon I need dust it. So I write my own plan for the year and make my own goals.

When I was a kid, “a year from now” seemed like a million years away and the answer to the question of “how many more times do I have to sleep for that day to come?” always seemed endless. Now a year passes by so fast. Soon after December 31, we kvetch over Passover, count the Omer, prepare for summer vacation and then count days till school starts again, get ready for Rosh Hashanah and the new year, as we take the Sukkah down, the guest list for Thanksgiving is being made and plans for Chanukah are made. There you have it. The year summed up in less than two sentences!

If I had a crystal ball, I would tell you how this coming secular year would turn out and that this past year was just as I expected. But I don’t, so it wasn’t. It was a year full of surprises, challenges, happy occasions, twists and turns, personal and professional growth, some disappointments but, more so, there were quite a few accomplishments.

I look back at January 2013 and think of where I was then and what I was thinking, and I look at today, where I am now and how I got here. It was not how I originally planned out the year. I did learn that you may have to adjust the sail to take some detours along the way and accept that if you go with the flow, you’ll actually end up in a better place than what you originally asked for.

Wishing everyone safe sailing into 2014!


New Years wishes:

Life is like a Lambourghini. It goes too fast and it costs too much. As we put an amazing 2013 behind us and we start writing the 365 page story of this up coming year, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, David Abadi and I wish you a fabulously glamorous 2014 filled with good friends (even if it’s with a few imaginary ones), good fortune and lots of pages filled with laughter and happiness.
Live your life to the fullest no matter what it brings.
Happy New Year!


Ralph Lauren Pink Pony

Last week in Madrid, Ralph Lauren held a gala dinner in aid of the Spanish Association Against Cancer through his Pink Pony charity initiative in the international fight against cancer
Gratitude outside the box…

What are you grateful for?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when being asked that question? The typical answers I get are:

“I’m grateful for my health, family and friends”. Of course those things are very important, with health being the number one on everyone’s list, including mine. But we are also programmed to think this way. No matter how grateful we are, on cloudy days, our perception is, “The grass is greener on the other side,” when in reality it is not! But that is a whole different topic.

A year ago I decided to summarize each day by taking note of the ONE thing for which I am thankful. My commitment to do this was for one month, no matter what. Some days were super easy and some were just plain challenging. But because I made a commitment to myself, I had to LOOK for the good, even if it was unconventional. Having to do this exercise every day was actually helping me to watch my half empty cup turn into a full one.

So I challenge you for one month, on those days when you find yourself thinking, “Can it get worse?” to ask yourself: “What was the best part today?” And when you find the answer, don’t forget to stop and say “Thank you.”

Here are some of unconventional things I found myself grateful for during some challenging times. They are in no particular order.

Toilet Paper
Laughter and smiles
Gravity- for helping me get that last drop of shampoo out of the bottle when turned upside down!
Dishwashers and washing machines! Need I say more?
Polish change for $5 vs full manicure for $17! Hey, a girl has to look good!
My iPhone fell, but it didn’t break!
Not catching pneumonia after getting soaking wet!
Parve chocolate
Pizza, because it’s gourmet bread, cheese and tomatoes!
Wisdom is being taught that there’s always another way to look at things no matter how bad they may sometimes seem at first glance.


Take life one step at the time.